Cut, Snip, Boom, Busted!(Post Makeover)

There are lots of things to talk about in an ever-changing world like ours. The thing I would like to talk about is the exploding bike lock. This invention would be keen in the streets today because well, there are poor people in this world and all they need is a pair of cutters to get a new bike, so they just take the opportunity.

This is how it works, Say a thug of some sort comes along with a pair of cutters, and he tries to cut your bike lock. BOOM the bike lock explodes and sprays a certain kind of dye on him, so he is easily recognizable for the police to find him and he can be spotted by the bike owner.

I think this is a good Idea because my bike got stolen and it was a really good bike and then wham, it vanished. Another good idea to add onto that would be to add an alarm to the bike lock so that the person could not also mark the thief but they could also catch him or her in a second.

Biking is also eco-friendly, so if you steal bikes you are forcing people to drive or walk. I would pick drive. So if you steal bikes you are helping causing global warming to grow! Global warming Is causing the planet to overheat. The Polar ice caps are melting causing floods. This occurs because the increased levels of C02 causing the earth’s atmosphere to thicken making harder for sunlight and energy to get back into orbit. Please do not steal bikes, if you do you are evil and you are ruining the planet!


Berlin’s ITB (smart set)

In Berlin From march 11-March 15 There is a thing called the Internamtional Travel Trade fair (ITB).  What the ITB is, is a fair which people bring their stuff in fro all arouns the world to the is Rec-hall from what I understand. From there they trade it off or just take a look at it, kind of like a museum. It started in 1966 and they bring the thing that they find from Albania to Zanzibar. There are lots of things to do at the ITB, souch at explore the exhibits and go eat from the food trays and ask questions about the items.

The Wave 9-12

In the chapters 9-12 some very shocking things happened. In chapter nine Ben wasn’t sure what the wave was. It was becoming something monstrous outside of the classroom. Ben noticed that the student’s work was improving by a great distance but all of the answers were short and right to the point. The scene turns out in the publications office. They are having a meeting and trying to find a topic and a guy named Alex suggested that they write the paper about the wave. Later that day Laurie and her mom had a big talk about the wave. In the next chapter Mr. Ross has to go and see the principal they have a big talk about the limits on the wave and Ben is set free. When Laurie got to the publications office she noticed that there was a white envelope on the floor. She read the letter inside. It was a story spout a boy who had tried to get bullied into the wave. That bugged Laurie very much and she couldn’t make it get out of her head. Ben Ross was walking down the hall when Robber Billings came up to him asking to be hoes bodyguard. Ben was quite disturbed but hesitantly said yes. In the next chapter Laurie Didn’t want to go to the wave rally. She was sick of the wave. After hiding in her office she heard as ruckus outside so she looked out the window and brain and Dutch were getting into a fight. Brad was screaming the wave motto at him. David walked into the office after the rally to talk to Laurie. They had a big fight over the wave and David broke up with her. Later that night Laurie got the news of a Jewish boy getting beat up and the cause was the wave. This chapter is very shocking because of all of the events that happened. The most important thing that happened into hose chapters was that Laurie realized that she didn’t like the wave and wanted touring the wave. This is very important because if she hadn’t and she went along with he wave and nobody would stop it. If nobody stopped the wave then it would spread out of the school into other schools and eventually the world. My prediction for the next chapters are that the grapevine is going to publish at the story about the boy that was beat up and the story abort the boy that was pressured into joining the wave. My way off prediction is that Laurie will save the school from the wave and then the school will be save and then Laurie will get back together with David and Mr. Ross will either get fired or not be able to do projects like that again.

The Wave 5-8

In the wave 5-8 The kids were actually getting into the wave. In the bginning the Teacher Mr.Ross had put up on the board Strength in discipline. Most of the kids questioned this and they had a big discussion about it. Next They were practicing sitting up straight. They did this because Mr.Ross Had told them it would clear their minds and help them breathe better. After that they were told to walk around the room, A couple seconds later they were told to run back to their seats. They were quite frankly terrible at this so david came up with a gameplan. They would get in a row ain the order their desks were in. They then did it in 16 seconds. Next class Mr.Ross wronte on the board strength theough community and then the class did some excersises and were finished. That night Laurie and her parents had a talk about the wave and lauries mother didnt like it.

A long line.

In Berlin there is or was a special event happening. In the district Mitte there is an exibition space for photography held in some old church house. Apperently it is pretty important. They want to see a show in there called, “A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005” This was the only stop in Germany. The show acts out the financial trouple that Annie Leibovitz had to put a copyright on her photographs. the show also consists of some of her celebrity images,such as an infamous portrait of a very pregnant Demi Moore , same as early shots of Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, a salt-and-pepper Bill Clinton and members of Bush’s cabinet. Some of these shots were actually taken in Berlin, The city i am doing for a school project. if anyone has any useful information on Berlin comment me.

Smart set, Berlin Germany

I’m doing pretty well on the smart set stuff. I missed a couple of classes because I was at frontier games in Grand Rapids. I have some information but not that much. I have some landmarks and services but I am now looking into some expeditoa flight payments. I am also looking at house prices so that the smart set factory and it might be cheap or might not. I have learned that there are lots of museums in Berlin and that it is illegal to say that the concentration camps never happened. There is a jewish museum and a grerman museum, I find that peculiar.

The wave Ch 1-4

These chapters were about this girl names Laurie and her friend Amy. Laurie and Amy are best friends that go to the same school. Laurie is te editor of the school paper and Amy is her friend. Laurie and Amy both have good marks. The setting of this story so far is in the school right before history and during history. Laurie and Amy are in the paper room and the bell rings. They go to their history class. The history class is taught by Ben Ross, a young new teacher with interesting teaching techniques. Ben is showing the class a movie. The movie is about Nazi Germany, and the concentration camps. During the movie Ben was talking about the Nazi’s and Amy and Laurie were quite disturbed. After class people were asking questions, so Laurie asked a question. Ben did not have an answer to the question so after school he went to the library and got lots of books about Nazi Germany.

My thoughts and ideas are mixed about this book. It seems interesting but the cover and description of this book make me wonder about how the story will actually unravel. Based from the cover alone my thoughts are that maybe he came up with a “fun” experiment and then he made all of the kids so obedient like the brown shirts. The things I like about this book is that The characters are actually real because this is based on a true story, but that kind of freaks me out in a way because if my prediction happens in the book that means it had happened in real life at some time.